About Us

Meet Erica, she is a proud active duty military spouse, health science graduate, professional Artist, and the Owner/Alchemist of The Urban Bee Company. This company was created with love and passion for a toxic-free home in her tiny kitchen in Key West, FL.
We absolutely love everything the the earth has to offer, especially the ability it has to heal and influence the spirit. Erica suffers from severe asthma and allergies, it has been hard for her to find affordable products she loves and that are natural safe for her pets as well. She decided to research and create her own products. Erica believes it is important to share her wellness products with others to show that there are great options out there for those with the same issues or those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle.
All of our products are handmade, therapeutic grade oils, organic, and all bee ingredients come from a local bee keeper in Marathon Key, FL to support and promote the livelihood of honey bees. Due to the solitude of the islands, we have access to the cleanest, organic bee products available. Bees create some of the most powerful natural products that the earth has to offer, which is why it is our absolute fave!
We DO NOT test on animals ever, just simply ourselves as we create new products. We want to ensure that our products are safe for you and everyone in your family, including the ones with paws. Let us pamper you and boost your vitality all in your daily routine. All  of our products are proudly made in the beautiful U.S.A.!